Getting Involved in CHeCS – Cattle Health Certification Standards


Getting started with CHeCS

The CHeCS ‘approach’ relies on a good working collaboration between farmer, vet and Health Scheme.

The challenge of infectious endemic disease is that they are characterised by always ‘being there’. Symptoms may be raised levels of abortion, slightly lower growth rates or depressed milk yield, and increased mortality, morbidity or susceptibility to other diseases. These changes may happen gradually and go largely unnoticed.

The CHeCS approach is:

  • the farmer and vet detecting and diagnosing the presence of the disease, sending samples to the Health Scheme to confirm, if necessary
  • the farmer and vet following the appropriate disease control or eradication protocols, for example tagging and testing, sending samples to the Health Scheme as required
  • adopting the established biosecurity measures to minimise its spread and prevent re-infection under the oversight of the vet, who certifies these activities to the Health Scheme.
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