Following on from the statement below which was issued by CHECS on the 8th April 2020, at the onset of Covid-19 in the UK and the nationwide lockdown when many farms were unable to undertake herd testing:

“CHeCS therefore advises that health status will be suspended when testing becomes overdue, but it can be reinstated when the required testing has been carried out, assuming CheCS rules have been complied with and the results are satisfactory.”

CHeCS recognises that most farm vets are now operating business as usual in terms of farm visits, albeit following government guidelines on social distancing, self-isolation etc. Therefore, we would urge farms who were not able to undertake herd testing earlier in the year, to ensure they are now up to date with their testing.  Of course sampling should only be performed if safe to do so, but getting back up to date is important, especially with herd declarations coming through for the 2021 January/Spring sales.

CHECS acknowledges that difficulties may, on occasion, arise. If this causes problems they will be dealt with sympathetically on a case-by-case by CHeCS.

Author: Charlotte Bullock

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