TB Herd Accreditation in Wales

In July 2017, the Welsh Government announced that a Post Movement Test will not be needed for animals moving into the Low TB Area if they come from herds which are participating in TB Herd Accreditation with a CHeCS-licensed Cattle Health Scheme, and have achieved a score of Level 10.

The CHeCS programme differs from statutory TB control in several ways. For example, it is recommended that all added animals are placed in quarantine upon arrival; if any then fail the TB skin test, this should not affect the CHeCS TB Herd Accreditation – although APHA will still record an official breakdown.

Added biosecurity measures apply, such as preventing nose to nose contact with cattle of a lower health status over fences or walls. Some additional pre and post-movement testing may also be required. A summary of those requirements and how they work with Welsh Government statutory rules regarding movements to or from an area in Wales, can be found here.

 To get involved in a CHeCS-licensed Cattle Health Scheme, please return to the Bovine TB Herd Accreditation page for a list of participating schemes and links to their contact details.