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Author: Paula Golby

    Dog walkers asked to support efforts to curb cattle disease

    Dog walkers are being asked to rally their support  around new efforts to curb a potentially fatal disease in cattle.  The parasite based Neospora caninum has been on the rise for a number of years in British cattle herds.  While it has absolutely no effect on the quality or safety of meat or milk, infection often culminates in the loss of unborn calves among pregnant cows.

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    Cattle farmers warned it’s time to get serious about disease control

    UK cattle farmers must take firmer control of cattle disease if they are to remain competitive and secure future markets, domestically and overseas, for produce and breeding stock.

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    Moredun Animal Health Roadshow 2014

    The Moredun’s Livestock Health Roadshow is holding ten free farmers’ meetings across the UK, with four at Scottish sites, four at English sites and 2 in Wales:



    Area Venue Start Time
    Thu 6 Nov Neospora and C.Ovis Control Ashford Ashford Auction Market 7.30pm
    Mon 10 Nov Cryptosporidiosis & Johne’s Disease Control Castle Douglas Urr Valley Country House Hotel 7.30pm
    Tue 11 Nov Cryptosporidiosis & Johne’s Disease Control Penrith Newton Rigg College 7.30pm
    Tue 11 Nov Cryptosporidiosis & Johne’s Disease Control Thurso Pentland Hotel 7.30pm
    Wed 12 Nov Cryptosporidiosis & Toxoplasmosis Control York Askham Bryan College 7.30pm
    Thu 13 Nov Sheep Health Evening Carfraemill The Lodge 7.30pm
    Mon 17 Nov Cryptosporidiosis & Calf Scour Welshpool Welshpool Auction Market 7.30pm
    Tue 18 Nov Sheep Health Evening Llandovery Llandovery Rugby Club 7.30pm
    Wed 19 Nov OPA & Johne’s Disease in Sheep Bridgwater Sedgemoor Auction Centre 7.30pm
    Thu 27 Nov Toxoplasmosis & OPA Portree Skye Camanachd Shinty Club 7.30pm

     These free evening meetings are open to all, please download the overall poster below and individual flyers can also be emailed (if interested) for more information.

    Originally formed by farmers for farmers, Moredun has always maintained a close working relationship with the farming community. Recognised worldwide for its work on infectious diseases of livestock, their team of vets and scientists research a variety of animal health problems in an effort to produce effective medicines and husbandry techniques to control them.  A key part of their work is to maintain and enhance effective knowledge exchange within the farming industry.

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    Bovine Johne’s Disease in Six Endemically Infected Countries

    This review outlines the key aspects of bovine Johne’s disease control activities across 6 endemically infected countries to facilitate comparison of current international practice.

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    Second GB Cattle Health & Welfare Group Report

    The second Cattle Health and Welfare Group (CHAWG) report to examine the state of GB’s cattle health and welfare, published in June 2014, highlights the need to prioritise health and welfare issues, set defined targets and collaborate across the nations in achieving measurable results.

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