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National Milk Record’s HerdWise Johne’s Screening programme has been established to provide the tools for vets and their farmers to control infection and ultimately reduce the prevalence of Johne’s disease in the dairy herd. HerdWise is the only milk based programme of its kind to have CHeCS approval for screening and eradication of Johne’s disease

Participating herds will test all lactating cows four times per year using a milk antibody ELISA and results will be used to allocate cows to red, amber and green categories for risk-based management of infectious animals. Using Herdwise you can obtain up to 4 Johne’s antibody ELISA results from your cows for the price of a single blood test result.

This repeated sampling helps to build up a picture of each animal’s Johne’s status and allows the farmer to make strategic decisions about how to manage each cow.