What is Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS)?

CHeCS is the self-regulatory body for cattle health schemes in the UK and Ireland. It is a non-trading organisation established by the cattle industry for the control and eradication of non-statutory diseases, using a set of standards to which all licensed cattle health schemes must adhere.

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Getting started with CHeCS

Herd owners may test for any or all of the diseases at the same time. Where to start depends on a herd’s individual circumstances. The entry level to a Cattle Health Scheme only requires routine monitoring (which in dairy herds is by regular bulk milk testing). This will give a good assessment of the health status of the herd. Once the health status is known, a herd may progress through a programme of control and eradication to eventual accreditation of disease free status. All of this is explained in much greater detail in the CHeCs Technical Document.

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